5th Annual Carter Lackey Memorial Miles
May 25-Aug 3, 2019
How it Works
What is a virtual event?
If you would like to make a donation directly to the Carter Lackey Research Fund
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A virtual event is one that you can
participate in from
where ever you are.
There is no set location.
There is a set day or time frame for
completing the event.
Ours is May 25th-Aug 3, 2019.
There is reporting that you completed
your participation in the event.
For ours, reporting is done to one of
the following Facebook Groups:
Fitness Challenge Group
Fitness Fanatics Group
Carter Lackey Memorial Miles Group
or via email to CLMM@tspt.biz

Check out this article,
"What Exactly is a Virtual Race?"
on Active.com for more explanation.
How do I register?
Registration is easy.
Online and paper registration is
available on our
Registration page.
custom wooden medallion laser engraved hand painted carter lackey memorial miles woodland art Chris Terwilliger
Registration Options?
Distance Options

Single Distance
5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Marathon

Fitness Challenge
20 "miles" per week for 10 weeks

Fitness Fanatic
As many miles as you can
over the 10 week virtual event
Do I have to complete my miles all at once?
No. You don't have to...but you can.
If you are doing a single distance, you can select the option to do all
of your miles at once, in a single half marathon run for example, or
cumulatively over the course of the event, walking a mile a day for
example to complete the marathon distance.
How do I complete my miles?
With ANY fitness activity you want!
Miles can be completed one way (ex. biking) or in a variety of ways.
In the past, participants have used more than 30 different fitness
activities to complete their "miles."
They have run, trail run, hiked, walked, kayaked, biked, swum,
wrestled, tumbled, danced and Zumba'd their miles.
They have played basketball, football, nerf tag and volleyball.
How you do your miles is up to you!
EVERYONE who completes their miles
receives a finisher medal
created and donated by
Woodland Art by Chris & Liz Terwilliger.

In addition...
Special "charms" will be added for:

Fitness Fanatic Participants
Fitness Challenge Finishers

The Team with the Most Members
The Team with the Most Miles
The Team with the Most Variety
(of fitness activities)

The Fitness Fanatic with the Most Miles
The Fitness Fanatic with the Most Variety
(of fitness activities)
The Fitness Fanatic who is Most Consistent
(with the number of miles each week)


Participation Chips
1 Year, 2 Year, 3 Year, 4 Year
& 5 Year Chips!

Team Participation Charm

Propagator Award
A special charm added for the individual
with the most posts on
Facebook &/or Instagram that tag the
Carter Lackey Memorial Miles
Facebook Page

Watch this page for pictures of the charms
as Woodland Art creates samples for us!
Can I create or join a Team?
SURE! Anyone can create or join a team!
There's no extra charge to create or join a team!
Teams are a great way to spread information about Mitochondrial
Disease and to reach people who never would have thought to
participate in a virtual event!
Because of this we have special team awards!
You can start a team on either the
Registration or the Team Page.
Want to join a Team? Indicate your team when you register,
or let the event coordinator, Liz Terwilliger, know via email
(CLMM@tspt.biz) or by messenger from the
Carter Lackey Memorial Miles Facebook Page.
I have more questions!!!!!

No problem.
Contact the event coordinator, Liz Terwilliger.
Email: CLMM@tspt.biz
Facebook messenger from the
Carter Lackey Memorial Miles Facebook Page.
Can I make a donation without registering?
Of Course, we welcome any donations
To make a donation to Carter's Research Fund through Carter
Lackey Memorial Miles, use this "Donate" button.
How can I learn more about Carter's Story?
Visit his Mom's Website
Carter Lackey's Testimony