Carter Lackey Memorial Miles
Fitness Fanatics
To be a Fitness Fanatic:

1. Register as a Fitness Fanatic in the Carter Lackey Memorial Miles Virtual Event.

2. Complete as many miles as you can during the 10 week virtual event.

3. Registrants report their miles by 6pm on Sunday each week to the Event Coordinator, Liz Terwilliger, by posting them in the
Fitness Fanatics Facebook Group or by email ( The first report will be due Sunday 6/2/19, and includes an
extra day, as the event begins on a Saturday and ends on a Saturday. After that reporting weeks run Sunday to Saturday.
See the Progress Report chart below for the dates for each week of the event.

4. Miles must be recorded on a fitness tracker (such as Garmin, Google Fit, Fitbit, Fitness Tracker, Strava, Nike, FitStar,
Pocket Yoga, etc) and screen shots included with reporting to verify miles.
Summary screens may be used. Attendance forms from classes and training partner verification may be used.

5. Miles do not have to all be completed the same way. You can do them all the same way if you'd like (for example walk all of
your miles) or you can mix it up and complete your miles with a variety of fitness activities (for example walk, bike, swim, run,
Zumba). There is no limit on how many different fitness activities you can use. Visit the
Calculate Page to determine how many
miles a fitness activity translates into.

6. The Event Coordinator, Liz Terwilliger, will post weekly updates on this page as the Virtual Event progresses
***Week 10 Miles*** Must be reported by 11 am Saturday 8/3 to count towards team awards!
All Reporting is due by Noon Sunday 8/4.
What is it?

Fitness Fanatics
complete as many "miles" of fitness activities as they can between May 25th & Aug 3rd, 2019

Whether you're trying to build healthy habits, get or stay in shape for fall sports, or train for a grander fitness event,
Fitness Fanatics provides motivation to meet your goal and satisfaction that comes from supporting a GREAT
Fitness Fanatics Awards: Most Miles, Most Variety of Methods, Most Week-to-Week Consistency
Current award leaders are highlighted in green in the weekly progress report below.